Connect with other through cell group, workplace,school and everywhere God’s place you. Become the light of God’s and share His Kingdom to all around you. Action speak louder than word.


"Build in 3 Pillars"

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Our story

BEM On The ROCK (BEM OTR) was officially established in 2002 and was recognised as a church in the Borneo Evangelical Mission, Miri District Branch. Pastor Andy Anyi Lah is the Senior Pastor and founder of the church formation where he decided to leave his career as a contractor to fulltime church ministry. BEM On The ROCK church started with 7 members at the end of 2001 and at present has expanded to 1,000 regular attendees

Our Ministry

BEM On The ROCK has set three (3) main pillars as its main focus which is Worship Celebration, Prayer and evangelism through Cell Groups. Members are encouraged to live within the three pillars and live the values of ministry set by the church. Apart from that, BEM On The ROCK moves in a few field of main ministries

Cell Group

BEM On The Rock church membership is only accepted through cell groups and congregations are strongly encouraged to follow the existing cell groups throughout Miri city  Currently they are more than 70 Cell Groups all around Miri. Cell group divided into 12 Zones and each Zone lead by  Zone Leader. Each Zone Leader will supervise all Cell Group Leader under his/her Zone. Feel free to keep in touch with us if you are interested to join any of our Cell Group. 

First Timer

We welcome everyone to join our services. Either you are an un-churches or visitor who come to Miri, do expect a friendly and warm welcome to our community. For our first-time guests, we are eager to know you better, feel free to join us at our VIP Room every Sunday Services


Happening This Year

"Some of the activity will be rescheduled due to movement control order issued by Malaysian Government"

Rock Men Camp's

6th - 8th March 2020 Merdeka Suite Hotel, Miri Sarwak

Saya Pengikut Kristus (SPK) Class

22nd March - 19th April 2020 Every Wednesday (8pm) & Sunday (2pm) at Adiwira Hall

OTR 18 Anniversary Dinner

4th April 2020 @ 06.30pm Main Ballroom, Meritz Hotel, Miri Sarawak Ticket for sale: RM55.00/Pax Adult RM35.00/Pax Childred (Age 7-12 years old)


Great Testimonial From Our Members

Whatever you say about OTR, as for me, I was once a heavy drinker, great smoker & a gambler. My family was in a mess because of me. That was before I joined OTR. At OTR, my faith & family was restored. I was healed both physically & spiritually. I was saved, I was loved here and OTR is my home Church in the City. I and
Balang Padan
Attended BEM OTR Since 2006
Since attended service at this church, my heart had been touched by God's and I realized my mistake and bad behavior. I believed I had been reborn by God trough this church. I feel excited to serve God in this church community. I believe it because of my strength, but God's love and grace. I committed to appreciate and love my family and grow our faith together in this church.
Edward Nyipa
Attended BEM OTR SINCE 2013
Before this I was diagnosed with colon cancer symptom since year 2013, it caused my body weight reduce approximately by 20kg each year from 86kg previously. Praise to Lord, I received miracle and healed by Lord after I attended Youth Momentum in year 2015 organized by OTR. Since then, I had joined OTR and growth spiritually.
Penny Philip
Attended BEM OTR Since 2016
I was raised in a non-christian family,practicing shaman, in the same time, I live in unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, using drug, gambling and etc. I was glad, in OTR I had learned a lot of new thing such and spiritually growth through Cell Group, attended church camp such as ROCK Men's Camp and 'Saya Pengikut Kristus/Saya Murid Yesus'. Since then, my life and family had been changed, I had leaved my unhealthy life style. I decided to serve and growth spiritually through this church.
Robin Nyurat
Attended BEM OTR SINCE 2006


"Therefore everyone who hear these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock"

Matthew 7:24